Sony playstation controller designs 2030

New PlayStation 2030 Concepts

One of Sony’s creative studios has released their vision for what the PlayStation controllers will look like by 2030. As crazy as it sounds that’s just 6 years away. The controller is integral to gaming its our gun handle, its our car steering wheel and so much more.

Lets dig in.

🚀 Sony’s Vision for the Future 🚀

Sony has recently unveiled an exciting video showcasing the results of a prototyping exercise where their teams envisioned future products, including potential innovations for PlayStation.

🎮 Highlights include:

  • Transparent smartphones
  • Augmented reality headsets
  • A game controller with a ring light in the center

This video was first presented at Sony’s annual corporate strategy meeting, where they outlined their ‘Creative Entertainment Vision’ for the next ten years. Its a little far fetched for today but it could be the reality we all live in soon.

🎥 Special Appearances:

  • Aloy, the protagonist from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West
  • Key IPs like Horizon, Ghostbusters, and more

📢 Important Note: The concepts shown in the video are part of Sony’s creative vision and are not directly related to any current products or services.

Watch the full video below and get a glimpse of Sony’s innovative future! 🔮

You can see the general direction of the vision in the video below. Its highly concept level right now as you can see but its an interesting direction.

Im pumped for the vision and looking forward to seeing the Sony 2030 vision come to life.

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