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My family & I spend a lot of time finding deals and bargains to make our money go further, by spending the time to assess and compare before we buy. I hope that all my effort is not in vain and I can share some findings with my readers. Six in 10 online shoppers (62 per cent) have increased the time they spend shopping around and researching since the recent rises in living costs.

I am certainly one of those 6 in 10, if you are like me then these pages should help cut out the fluff from the money-incentivised news sites and give you the real deal on what products are good, great and one that is worth avoiding spending money on.


I game a lot and I’m in the industry so here’s my lowdown on gaming and accessories in my world.


What my computer overview and usage is for home and work life.


I work hard and play hard so that when I come home I really am home. House & Home is a peak behind the curtains.


What I’m doing in tech with gadgets, AI, New stuff and Futuristic stuff. VR and AI are going to have a big impact.


I’ve helped hundreds of people get jobs and trained even more to do these jobs effectively.

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When I was starting out in my career and life I would have been a lot better off if someone who had been through it all was writing guides and strategies for overcoming obstacles and awkward scenarios. This is my chance to offload some of those learnings to people who may be going through similar things.

Working in the tech space everything moves so fast, as TechGiant reports we will give you news and info from the front lines. Every day our team is building platforms, video games, mobile apps, AI and other tech advancements like Augmented Reality and more but we will recap our learnings for the everyday enthusiast.

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